Tony Neiman graduated in Classical Piano from The Conservatorio di Musica L. Perosi in Campobasso, Italy in 2004. He then obtained the highest level of a music degree at The Conservatorio di Musica A. Casella in L’Aquila, one of the top ranking music academies in Italy. In 2012, he received the Merit Award from The Norman Academy for best emerging musical talent. In 2013, Tony received two awards for his compositions from the Italian Art and Culture Society. In 2012 and 2013 Tony composed 2 albums for Rai International television. One of the TV shows featuring Tony’s music was Ballaro! – a very popular and prestigious talk show. Tony also created the opening theme song for the famous radio program “Le Brave Ragazze” broadcasted on RAI Radio 2. He also composed underscores for various programming on Rai Radio 2. Among Tony’s most important works are his creations and performances with Piera Pizzi entitled “Colored Songs”, famous evergreen and jazz standards rearranged in a fusion of jazz and classical stylings. He also composed the music for the theatrical show “Quarto Movimento” about the life story of Nahum Olin. Tony has been performing internationally since he was 18. His first broadcasted performance was in 2007 when he performed his own compositions and well known Italian songs on the television show: Miss Italia Nel Mondo (Miss Italy Beauty Pageant) at the Opera Theatre in Timisoara, Romania. In 2008, he performed on TV Sky with Viola Nocenzi with his own compositions. In 2009 he performed on the MS Telethon for charity. Tony has given concerts in Australia and Portugal. He continues to perform at various cultural events where his work is consistently well received. Tony’s unique style comes from his classical and jazz education and his roots in the rich culture of Rome. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2015, Tony has composed several documentaries, commercials and shorts. Apart for being a composer, Tony is active in the Los Angeles area as a pianist and professor of music.


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